GALAXXIES is a multi genre electronic music duo fronted by myself, Garrett Gengler (music producer) and Marcile Wilmot (vocalist).

Marcile and I met while attending high school in Leduc, Alberta, Canada and began creating music out of experimentation and a shared desire to create meaningful art.

Marcile was born and raised in Mandeville, Jamaica and lived there until she immigrated to Canada at age 12. Her Jamaican upbringing is prevalent in our music.

I was born in Edmonton, Alberta and was raised in Leduc on a farm, where I returned to record music after attending courses at the University of Alberta and the Alberta College of Art and Design. These aspects of my life also contribute vast amounts to our music.

GALAXXIES amalgamates a wide range of sounds and genres, keeping a modern, creative, and soulful core. We are a DIY music project crafting our sound, visuals and art ourselves. Keep eyes on this site as we continue to release works from our debut concept album.